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The Voice of Healthcare Summit 'Special Edition' to Take Place Aug. 5 in Boston
Avi Schiffmann, the 17-Year-Old Creator of, to Present "What COVID-19 Taught Us About Data in Medicine"

BOSTON and NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The 3rd annual The Voice of Healthcare Summit – the No. 1 event for voice/AI technology and modern healthcare – will take place Aug. 5, 2020, as a special edition in Boston, Mass. at The Boston Winery. The event normally convenes at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School but was relocated due to the facility's closure amidst the coronavirus. The Voice of Healthcare Summit, part of The Project Voice Series, focuses on voice-first technology and its impact across the healthcare industry. Attendees include healthcare professionals, executives, practitioners, insurers and technologists.

Special guest Avi Schiffmann, the 17-year-old inventor of the news-making website,, will speak on "What COVID-19 Taught Us About Data in Medicine." Schiffmann's website – which garners around 30 million views a day, according to Business Insider – is one of the most notable sites for worldwide data on COVID-19.

"We're thrilled to have Avi Schiffmann join us in Boston for The Voice of Healthcare Summit," said Bradley Metrock, executive producer of The Project Voice Series and host of This Week in Voice. "Avi's website is a shining example of innovation."

The opening keynote, "Achieving Better Outcomes for Aging in Place Through Voice," will be presented by Mark Gray, CEO of Constant Companion. Dr. Chithra Durgam, founder of Aesthetic Dental, co-founder of DentalFlashGo, and a pioneer in applying voice/AI to the modern private practice, will present the conference keynote.

Constant Companion is the presenting sponsor of The Voice of Healthcare Summit and additional sponsors include iScribe Health,, Canary Speech and Bola AI.


  • A look at being hands-free in a post-pandemic world from Jason Fields, chief strategy officer at Voicify
  • An exclusive session on "Carnegie Mellon and Diagnosing COVID-19 Using Voice Tech"
  • "Bringing Lessons from Conversational Commerce to Modern Healthcare" by Ryan Huff, chief strategy officer at Cyrano.AI
  • Insights on how to reduce risk through hidden data in speech, presented by Henry O'Connell, CEO of Canary Speech
  • An update with Dr. Phillip Alvelda, CEO of Brainworks, on how AI-enhanced computer vision is transforming healthcare
  • A look at what we have learned from bringing voice tech to the electronic health record (or EHR) from Rushi Ganmukhi, CEO of Bola.AI
  • Jason Gilbert, lead AI conversation designer at Conversational Components, on "Leveraging the Knowledge Base"
  • Pat Williams, CEO of iScribe Health, on restoring the physician-patient relationship
  • And a panel session on voice technology in pharma

The event will also feature a closing reception and the 2020 Voice of Healthcare Summit Awards, which will honor Dr. Anthony Fauci and the nurses of Rockledge Regional Medical Center, among others, in addition to the presentation of the 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners.

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